3D Titanic Screensaver


Submerge yourself and remember the Titanic´s fascinating story


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Have you ever dreamt of submerging yourself underwater and exploring the most luxurious cabins in history? Would you have liked to travel into the past and look in to the horizon from the deck of the most ostentatious boat that ever existed? Now you can feel it each time your PC becomes inactive.

3D Titanic Screensaver is a three dimensional screensaver for your PC which will immerse you in Titanic´s story: it´s imposing appearance, its luxurious cabins, its everlasting rest on the ocean floor,...

You can now relieve all those moments as though you were just there with the three dimensional representation that this screensaver produces, take a trip into the depths of the Atlantic ocean or look at the horizon from its deck.

Relieve the memorable story of the "ship of dreams" now in screensaver mode with 3D Titanic Screensaver.

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